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how to grow your instagram tips

Instagram is my go-to social media platform because I am a very visual person with a short attention span. As a photographer and handmade artist, I market my own products on there because I personally love shopping on the ‘gram. When you shop via social media , you get lifestyle photos of the products you want to buy but more importantly you get the backstory (how it’s made, who made it, how it helps, etc.). So I wanted to share some simple and quick tips for being the best grammer you can be for yourself, your blog and your business!

  1. Quality Content – Having quality content is the cornerstone of a marketable Instagram account. People want your photos to be engaging and your account to add value to their lives. It’s what keeps them scrolling through. Engaging photos are those that grab the attention (that initial spark). So what are people drawn to? People are drawn to pictures with other people in them. These are more engaging because humans have a natural desire to connect with other humans and with these types of photos they can put themselves in the scene. From a photographic standpoint, a good photo is well-lit, your subject is strategically placed and your photos has some color contrast to add visual interest. But this doesn’t mean your insta has to just be great photography. You can also engage interest with famous, clever or funny quotes or helpful tips stylized in a visually interesting way. Just remember – quality over quantity. It will not help you to post frequently if your content is not what people want to look at. So focus on getting quality photographs and graphics.
  2. Be Consistent – You want to convey your brand across multiple platforms. So when sharing to Instagram you want to be consistent with the types of content you share- not differentiating from what is on your website, and other social media platforms. People want to get a clear idea of what they can expect from you. This also means keeping true to your style. You want to use the same colors or filters on photos and the same fonts to give your content a uniform look. This will set you apart from others and add visual branding to your business or blog.
  3. Schedule – Another area where you have to be consistent with is when you post. I try to post at least 4 times a week on Instagram, but what you can do is up to you. You will want to figure out the best times to post, this will most likely be exclusive to you and based on your audience and location. You can use Instagram’s analytics to see when your followers are on Instagram the most and schedule your posts around then. You can plan all your posts ahead of time by using Later’s app which takes away a lot of hassle. You can also plan out your hashtags , so it’s all automated and you get to focus on other areas of business.
  4. Community – Find where you belong and stick to it. Being part of a community will benefit you in many ways. You can learn from what similar businesses are doing and you can create friendships that are mutually beneficial. This will help you will build your follower base. Commenting on relevant pages and following businesses will solidify your place in that community, but again its important to be consistent. Instead of trying to spread out your attention, focus on some like-minded accounts that you genuinely love and comment, like and share their content on a regular basis. You can also be direct and send a DM asking them if they’d like to take part in a giveaway or some mutually beneficial action.  Community means networking but it also means giving so be prepared to be kind and generous and you too will benefit.

These tips will give you a good foundation for growing your Instagram account and gaining quality followers, but you will have to be active and keep at it- there is no such thing as one and done on social media. If you want to turn your Instagram brand into a money making venture or eventually your main career- you will have to put in the work. If you are considering starting a business or you’ve just started working for yourself you should consider reading this previous post on how to be happy and do what you love.

To summarize here is an info-graphic with all the important tips of the article. Save and share to spread the knowledge!

infographic of quick tips for instagram

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